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Ganesh Brass Figurine with Stonework


In Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is considered to be the energy which manifests everything, and in which the animate organisms dissolve. Hindus often worship Lord Ganesha before starting a new endeavor to request Lord Ganesha to provide his…

Brass Figurine Stonework Nandi


According to Hindu mythology, Nandi is the guardian of Mt. Kailash, part of the Himalayan Range, which is known as the abode of Lord Shiva. Nandi is considered to be the bull on which Lord Shiva traveled, and…

Dhokra Art Palki


This beautiful Dhokhra art product showcases two palanquin bearers holding a palanquin. The product has been handcrafted by the craftsmen of Dhokra art with the finest quality of brass. The handicraft has impressive detailing which tells the owner…

Dhokra Art Working Lady


This Dhokra Art brass product is a perfect showpiece for home decor. It is sophisticated, with an additional desi vibe. The brass product represents a rural woman who is clad in a striped saree and is standing in…

Brass Lakshmi, Ganesh, Saraswati


In Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh is the symbol of fortune and good luck, Goddess Lakshmi is the symbol of monetary profits and success, and Goddess Saraswati is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. When these three traits are…

Brass Figurine Buddha Head


This Buddha head gives a very peaceful vibe. It makes you want to feel fulfilled and happy, which is great because isn’t that the ultimate goal of life? Buddha has been the symbol of eternal peace, internal happiness,…

Brass Buddha With Stonework


Buddha has been known to be the symbol of internal peace, rationalism, and enlightenment. The non-dogmatic way in which Buddha carried out his teachings encouraged his followers to find their own path to self-realization. First and foremost, Buddha…

Terracotta Face Pot


Terracotta face pots are just the thing for you if you're looking to rejuvenate the spirit of your home. Occupying barely any space, these pots have a way of adding character to end tables, window sills, etc. Moreover,…

Dhokra Art Hand Bell


Hand bells are a quirky way of promising goodwill to someone. They're charming pieces of good luck trinkets and always help in elevating the mood of the morose with their sonorous charm. Its intricate structure paired with its…

Paper Mache Red hanging Bell


Red is the color of love, divinity, war, and much more; it depends upon what it means to you. This beautiful, red colored paper-mache bell is best suited for decorating Christmas tree. It can be used to decorate…
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